Transformational Skin Care: A New Consciousness in Anti-Aging

pamperingBy Geneva de la Rouge

If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our skin is the mirror to our emotions, which dictates our thinking and rules our organ function.

Twenty-two years in skin care has taught me that after time a person’s skin is a reflection of their experiences emotionally and affects their corresponding organs as stated in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and the Alchemy of Beauty’s shared philosophies on skin manifestations and their origin.

If one is conscious of their emotions and has healthy outlets of exercise and expression coupled with nutrition and good skin care, the aging process is completely different from someone who doesn’t.

A woman who lost her husband after 35 years of marriage came to me for broken capillaries streaming down from her left cheek and (yin, feminine side according to Chinese medicine) neck and exploding at her chest and heart area. She exacerbated the situation by consuming daily glasses of wine.

This is an example of a “broken heart.” Her choice to seek grief counseling and take walks on the beach while taking deep breaths of sea air would have most probably replaced the need for self-medication with wine and eliminated the manifestation of broken capillaries from her eyes to her heart.

Acne is a traumatizing skin condition for teens. However, acne is exploding into the baby-boomers arena while being categorized as hormonal or adult acne. But is it? Or is it dependent on where it is located on the face and how it manifests? These are indicators as to its emotional origin and the organs affected or involved: What is happening in the person’s life, marriage and career?

Acne itself speaks many languages, as does aging. How a person ages speaks volumes as to the grief, disappointment, joy and healthy conscious habits and life-style choices made to deal with situations as they arise.

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Educator, author and skin-care life-style coach, De la Rouge is a Licensed Aesthetician, Massage and Cranio Sacral Therapist and Phytobiodermie Technician. She specializes in the analysis of the skin as it relates to the body as a whole. See her website at Check out  more skin care tips and tricks and call for a free consultation at (805) 448-1132.